Social Media Overload Getting to You?

It is night, the day is gone, where did the day go?
Time, watches, lifeDid I really waste that much time on Social Media?

Social Media is wonderful. It is a great way to stay in touch with people all over the world.
But sometimes…
It steals your time and your creativity.

Here are some things that are helping me with Social Media Overload.

1. Pick a time to check your media and then turn it off
2. Get active
Go for a walk, breathe in fresh air. Make some fitness goals.
3. Read book or catch up with your magazines and blogs
4. Push yourself with new challenges.

Peace in the Birch Trees
I am doing a 10 minute sketching challenge. Figured it will push me to learn new things in Photoshop. It will help me get all my ideas out on paper.

What are some things that help you keep Social Media from stealing your time?

Hope this helps you with Social Media Overload!

2 thoughts on “Social Media Overload Getting to You?

  1. The biggest challenge for me is Facebook. It can be such a time suck! Also, when I do get to Pinterest, I become so distracted – so many beautiful photos and craft ideas.

    1. Facebook can be a big distraction! But lately with all the changes it just frustrates me so I don’t go on as much.
      I do love all the cool ideas on Pinterest, decided this year to finally get some more projects done! 🙂
      Have you ever checked out Beautiful and creative art on that site too!

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