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Prints for Sale:
I am finally going to share my Art with the World!

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First Frost

People always ask, where can I find your art, you should sell your Prints. Why have I waited so long?

In my mind it was easy it come up with a lot of reasons. Don’t have time? I am not organized yet! I need to learn my programs better “which I have decided that a person will never learn everything about the programs. ” You keep discovering new things everyday!

 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

I have a lot more excuses for not selling prints, but I will not bore you! I am going to try get back into blogging more and sharing some things I have learned along the way.
I will share more work too! I have discovered a few new programs that I love and I got a new computer, I am now in the “Apple Club.” There really is not a lot of difference!

“That’s all any of us are:
We don’t live long enough to be anything else.”
Charlie ChaplinAustin Kleon

Do you know that Amateur in French means~ Lover?
Austin Kleon states in his book “Show Your Work!”
Amateurs are not afraid of making mistakes. They are in love, so they don’t hesitate to do the work. Contributing something is better than contributing nothing.
Check out Austin’s Books. I would recommend both books!

So check out my work. Hope you enjoy my prints!
Just in time for Christmas


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