Become a Better Artist ~ How to Challenge Yourself

Become a Better Artist~ How to Challenge Yourself

Photoshop, drawing, colour, I am doing an art challenge to help me grow as a better artist. Everyday I will do a 10 minute sketch, I figured this would push me to draw, learn more about Photoshop and my I Pad programs. I would have to say that it has been easy so far, except for the 10 Minute part.  I have been having so much fun that 10 minutes has turned into a lot longer. (Great Motivation!)

Photoshop, drawing, colour
10 minute sketch, learning more things in Photoshop

I did this drawing with my I Pad using the programs Procreate and Photoshop Touch. I am working on a future blog featuring Art on an I Pad.

10 minute sketch which ended up being birds
10 minute sketch which ended up being birds

Become a Better Artist~How to Challenge Yourself

  1. Start small with a 10 minute sketch or maybe a theme each day or you can work with a limited colour palette.  All these things will give you ideas for bigger projects.
  2. Set goals for yourself and take on projects that will help you grow as an Artist.
  3. Success as an artist is your Attitude. Challenge yourself, do things that will push you outside of your comfort zone, you need to have a positive attitude about your work. 
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice. With every drawing or painting you do, it will be better than your previous one.

Become a better artist, challenge yourself. Try new things, you may find it hard, but the next time it will be easier. Work hard, put your heart into it, and stay positive and create. (Click to Tweet)

I will be adding some of my 10 minute sketches tomorrow, so check it out!

What things do you do to challenge yourself?
Become a Better Artist~Challenge Yourself

Expand your mind, challenge yourself, learn more, do more and try more. Get enthusiastic, passionate and excited about the unknown. Try something new, visit new places, dance to the latest beats. Simply get out and give it all and you will never stop growing, smiling and loving life.

5 thoughts on “Become a Better Artist ~ How to Challenge Yourself

  1. I had no idea you could do this stuff on an iPad! Now I want one. I love the art you pictured above, especially the top one.

  2. Thanks Karen!
    I am going to do a review of a few IPad Apps. They are fun, I love the photo apps too. I use my computer more and have a Wacom tablet for drawing. It is just like doing Art on paper and you have a lot more control!

    1. I’m curious – does it give you options like “watercolor,” “oil,” “pencil,” etc.?

  3. In some of the programs (apps) you can make your own brushes or style of painting. That way you can have brushes that are wet or dry, you can make them with texture or as a blender brush. On the computer I can make any kind of brush, I can even pick out how many bristles on each brush. I can also dry my paper for watercolour effects or use brushes that act like I am sprinkling salt. Really the options are endless, but they are very powerful programs and I wonder if I will ever learn it all. It is a amazing what you can do but it does take practice.

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