About Me

MEimg_1024-3I grow up in North Dakota, it was a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors! I draw most of my inspiration from nature and the great adventures that are waiting for us each day!
I live in Minnesota with a wonderful husband, we are so Blessed with 3 grown children who are finding a lot of adventures of their own.
I’m an artist, photographer, dreamer, and believer.
I love exploring, traveling and taking photos. There are so many amazing things to see and experience. Besides Photography, I love drawing and collecting Journals, someday I will have them filled!
Digital Art is very exciting. There are so many things a person can do digitally, I would not say it is easier than traditional art. It is defiantly more of a challenge.  Never thought of myself as a geek, but enjoy the challenge.

Everyday is truly a Blessing!
Philippians 4

I hope that my work will inspire you to step outside and look at the beauty around you.



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